China Bans National Football Players from Getting Tattoos

Chinese authorities have banned its national football players from getting tattoos on Tuesday and instructed those who have been inked to remove them.

The General Administration of Sport of China (GAS) said the rule would set a “good example for society.”

GAS added that the Chinese Football Association would set out disciplinary requirements for national team players.

“National teams at all levels will strictly implement the relevant requirements of the management measures” and “fully demonstrate the positive spirit of Chinese football players and set a good example for society,” GAS said.

The new directive also included prohibiting the recruitment of players with tattoos at the under 20 level.

On top of its new rules on tattoos, GAS advised that national teams organize “ideological and political education activities to strengthen the patriotic education” of players.

Players on China’s national men’s team with tattoos include defender Zhang Linpeng, midfielder Xu Xin, and captain Wu Xi.

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