China Advises Citizens to Stock Up for Winter

Senior officials from the Ministry of Commerce have reassured the public that supplies remain sufficient and secure, clarifying an earlier statement that sparked speculations over food supplies, new COVID-19 outbreaks, and Taiwan issues.

Officials said on Tuesday that an earlier statement advising families to store food and other essentials in case of emergencies was only a regular move to ensure stable supplies and prices of vegetables and necessities. 

The ministry said it now issued an official notice about ensuring stable supplies and prices of vegetables and daily necessities in the upcoming winter and spring seasons, Global Times reported.

Guan Lixin, Deputy Head of the Circulation and Consumption Institute of the ministry, said that the previous statements were issued based on the frequent natural disasters during the autumn and upcoming winter, increasing vegetable prices, COVID-19 outbreaks, and the possible worsening La Nina weather phenomenon. 

“It was arranged in advance. The aim is to better safeguard people’s daily necessities during this winter and next spring,” Guan said.

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