Chile Faces Severe Health Crisis Despite Vaccination Roll-out

Chile is going through an “alarming” increase of COVID-19 cases amidst the vaccination roll-out in the country.

It has been called the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic as it turned out that the number of cases has been aggressive even though Latin America has inoculated more than one-third of its population.

Around 5,000 new infections have been reported on average daily in the past seven days having Metropolitan region, the capital city of Santiago, recorded 44 percent of all cases in the country.

Dr. Sebastian Ugarte, who runs the intensive care unit in Santiago’s Indisa clinic, said told Al Jeezra that every bed is occupied at his facility.

“People over 70, most of whom have already been vaccinated, have almost disappeared from our emergency rooms,” Ugarte said on Wednesday.

“Now, we have younger patients, but some gravely ill,” he added.

To date, Chile has recorded more than 21,000 deaths, more than 900,000 have been infected by COVID-19 while around 851,000 have recovered.

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