Chanel Bars Sales of Products to Russians Abroad

Chanel has ceased selling its products to Russians who intend to take their products to their country following the closure of its stores there. 

According to a statement from Chanel published on BBC, sanctions implemented by the European Union and Switzerland ban the sale of luxury goods priced at more than €300 ($327; £250) to anybody who intends to use them in Russia.

Chanel said they only complied with all laws applicable to their operations and employees worldwide, including trade sanction laws. 

Russian influencer Anna Kalashnikova said in a post on Instagram that managers at a Chanel store in Dubai told her they could not sell any products to her. 

Kalashnikova called the move “Russiaphobia”. 

Chanel added in their statement that they are in the process of improving their approach to asking clients their identity and apologized “for any misunderstanding, this may have caused”.

Chanel, LVMH, Hermes, and Kering announced in early March that they would temporarily close their stores in Russia. 

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