Carrie Lam Says Hong Kong Citizens Are Free to Cast Blank Ballots but Would Consider it as Crime

The Hong Kong (HK) government approved a bill on Tuesday, allowing its voters to cast a blank ballot, however, to encourage others to boycott would be illegal.

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam said they respect the voter’s right to chooses and whatever they cast on the ballots is their “freedom.”

“We respect each voter’s right to choose, and making whatever display with the ballots allocated to them is their freedom,” she said during her weekly Executive Council meeting.

“The government will not regulate their choice, whether it is to choose a candidate or no candidate at all, or to damage the ballot to invalidate it,” she added.

Lam, however, stressed that if they were talking about organizing and inciting voters during an election to “collectively take action,” then that could be considered “damaging or manipulating an election,” and would be easy to distinguish.

“We all want elections to be very fair, so any manipulation to jeopardize or sabotage an election should not be permitted,” she added.

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