Canada to Accept Three Olympic Refugees

Canada has decided to accept three well-accomplished Sudanese-born athletes representing the refugee Olympic team.

Track athlete Paulo Amotun Lokoro will attend Sheridan College in Oakville, Ont., along with two of the 29 athletes who will compete for the refugee squad at the Games. 

Lokoro is a member of the refugee Olympic Team, a group of athletes who left hardship, conflict, and uncertainty in their native country to pursue a new life through sport overseas.

The refugee program at the Olympic games is a collaboration between the United Nations’ refugee agency (UNHCR) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), allowing athletes from countries where they would not otherwise be able to engage in sport.

Canada is the first country to implement this refugee program for those with intellectual and athletic achievements.

South Sudanese 800m runners Nathike Lokonyen and James Nyang Chiengjiek will accompany Lokoro on a flight to Canada following the Olympics. 

These three athletes will be granted permanent resident status in Ontario and may one day be granted Canadian citizenship in recognition of their intellectual and athletic achievements.

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