Cambodia Prime Minister Receives Vaccine from Covax

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen received AstraZeneca vaccine from  World Health Organization-led COVAX Program which was manufactured in India on Thursday

Hun Sen, 68, said he would get China’s Sinovac vaccine, however he said he was too old for the vaccine. Sinovac can only be given to individuals aged 18 to 59.

“The Chinese vaccine has gone to more countries than the AstraZeneca vaccine, even countries that are allies of the West also use the Chinese vaccines,” Hun Sen told a news conference after receiving the vaccine.

He also said that Cambodia will purchase China’s vaccine amounting to a $40 million commitment.

Cambodia received its first batch of 324,000 doses of the India-made AstraZeneca vaccine.

Hun Sen, however said that vaccination is not the solution to eliminate the virus in the country. Social distancing should still be followed as it would prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Cambodia will receive the rest of the vaccine from COVAX in batches until May 2021.

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