California based StemExpress and PayCertify to Start Operations in Reno

Two California-based tech firms decide to move their businesses to Reno in an effort to boost the regions economy and provide an influx of new jobs.

StemExpress and PayCertify have both said they will move their businesses to Reno and combined will offer roughly 200 new jobs to residents. 

The Economic Authority of Western Nevada is hopeful that this move by StemExpress and PayCertify will encourage other tech companies to make moves into places like Reno.

Mike Kazmierski, CEO of Reno development company EDAWN, told reporters that “Northern Nevada’s tech industry is booming”, sighting StemExpress and PayCertify as clear example. Kazmierski also added that high-growth tech businesses would be “increasingly vital” to Reno’s economic recovery post-pandemic.

PayCertify, who specializes in financial tech and payment services, said they are moving to Reno due to increasingly high taxes in California’s Silicon Valley region according to CEO Chase Hammer. 

StemExpress, leaders in biotech research, did not provide comment on the decision but has already written up plans to build a 52,000 square foot facility within the city limits. This facility will host stem cell management laboratories and collection centers, designed to expedite clinical research.

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