Burkina Faso Attacks Leave at Least 30 Dead

Militants burned down villagers’ homes in eastern Burkina Faso and shot them as they tried to flee, killing at least 30 people. 

Government official Labidi Ouobahe said that the attack occurred in Kodyel village in the Komandjari province on Monday near the border with Niger.

According to the Defense Ministry, the people in the villages of Dambam, Guevara, and Tokabangou, located about ten kilometers from Markoye near the Niger border, “were the target of an attack by armed terrorist groups resulting in the death of 11 civilians, the carrying away of livestock, and the burning of concessions.”

There were 11 civilians, 15 military, and four members of a government-backed civilian militia were dead. 

Cattle were taken and properties were set on fire in addition to the murders.

Meanwhile, the ministry said the area where the attacks took place “is now in the control of military units, and the counteroffensive to find the assailants is ongoing on the ground and in the air.”

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