Bulgarians Protest Gazprom in Sofia

Bulgarians protested in the capital Sofia on Wednesday against reopening talks with Russia’s Gazprom to prevent a gas shortage in the country.

The protesters expressed disagreement with Bulgaria’s dependence on Gazprom for gas supplies, which would “finance Putin’s outrageous war.”

A protest organizer said that Bulgaria should stop depending on Gazprom. “It is high time to follow European policies and be part of Europe,” Atanas Sharkov said.

Bulgaria’s caretaker government said it could restart talks with Gazprom to prevent a natural gas shortage.

In April, Russia halted supplying gas to Bulgaria after the country failed to pay in rubles. 

Last week, Prime Minister Galab Donev said Bulgaria’s energy ministry should act to bring “concrete” results and not just express intentions. The government said the ministry would draw up financial plans to stabilize Bulgargaz’s gas supply.

“The government knows what it is doing and does not need external consulting services,” Donev said.

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