British Teenager Claims Ghislaine Maxwell Groomed Her

A British woman testified on Monday that Ghislaine Maxwell coerced her into providing sexual massages to Jeffrey Epstein when she was still a teenager, promising her “pleasure” with him.

The woman, who testified at Maxwell’s sex-abuse trial in New York City under the pseudonym “Kate” to protect her privacy, described an incident where Maxwell left out a schoolgirl’s outfit with a pleated skirt for her to wear for the financier.

The witness was the second woman to testify in federal court in Manhattan against Maxwell. 

However, unlike the previous case, Kate was not of legal age in both the United Kingdom and the United States at the time of her sexual interaction with Epstein, prompting the judge to prevent her from describing particular sex acts.

Kate claimed she met Maxwell when she was 17 years old through a friend she had dated on and off, and she was anxious to be friends with the British socialite. Maxwell informed her that Epstein, her boyfriend at the time, was a benefactor who might assist her with her singing career.

According to Kate, Maxwell also told her that Epstein was “demanding” when it came to sexual massages, saying it was “very difficult to keep up” with his needs. 

Maxwell’s lawyer persuaded Kate to disclose occasions where she had publicly spoken out about Epstein and Maxwell using her true name, and the lawyer also inquired whether her history of drug and alcohol addiction impacted her recall.

On Monday, the jury for the Maxell trial was also shown bank documents indicating that between 1999 and 2007, about $30 million was moved from Epstein’s accounts to Maxwell’s. 

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