Britain’s Meteorological Office Records Driest July in England

Britain’s Met Office announced on Monday that England had its driest day in July since its last record in 1935.

England experienced 23.1 millimeters of rain in July or less than one inch, accounting for 35% of the country’s average monthly rainfall.

“July 2022 has been a significantly dry month for Southern England, only 10.5mm of rain has been provisionally recorded on average, less than the previous record of 10.9mm set in 1911. The dominant weather pattern for the month has only allowed interludes of rain into northern areas of the UK, with areas further south largely getting any rainfall from isolated and fleeting showers in a month that will ultimately be remembered for extreme heat,” said Mark McCarthy from the National Climate Information Center.

Wales experienced about two inches of rain, 53% of its monthly average; Northern Ireland had 1.8 inches of rain, 51% of its monthly average, and Scotland experienced about 3.3 inches of rain, 81% of its average reading.

The United Kingdom had 56% of its average monthly rainfall for July 2022.

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