Bomb Threat Reported in East Jakarta, Fake Explosive Device Found

Indonesian police have responded to a bomb threat report in the Cipinang Indah housing estate in East Jakarta but only found a fake device.

“At 6.30 my assistant went out to take out the trash to find the bag […] Because there was a timer, I was afraid it was a bomb and then we coordinated with the police”, said resident Ahmad Yani.

The police Gegana bomb squad managed to secure the package but doubted that the device was real and took it to the Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob) crime lab for further investigation.

“The device didn’t explode. It’s still being investigated. It’s suspected to be a fake bomb, because there are wires that aren’t connected,” said officer Tubagus Ade Hidayat.

The Indonesian Police Headquarters Laboratory also examined the package and said that it was not capable of causing damage.

“There was also some powder in the suspicious package; it was indicated to be firecracker powder. The composition was right, but it would not explode because there was no trigger. It was discovered after the package was opened,” said Police Chief Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus.

Yunus added that they are investigating who put the fake bomb in the area by gathering evidence and CCTV footage.

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