Bhutan Vaccinates 93% of the Adult Population in 2 Weeks

Bhutan has vaccinated 93 percent of its eligible adult population as of Thursday in a span of two weeks, the country’s health ministry reported.

The Himalayan nation started its inoculation campaign on March 27 and has recently reported that 472, 139 citizens have been vaccinated with the oldest at 104 years old and the youngest at 18, in a press brief on Thursday.

The Ministry of Health in a statement urged the remaining people to take the jab in order to “fulfill our duty as responsible citizens and play our conscious part to complement the noble intention of our beloved King,” on Facebook Friday.

“All our efforts have been geared towards covering one hundred percent of the eligible population and today, as we look at the numbers, we are falling short by few percent. Thus, in this final stretch, we would like to reach out to those who haven’t vaccinated yet,” the ministry also said.

Around 62 percent of the country’s nearly 800,000 people have been inoculated, as the country reported six new cases on Tuesday bringing the total to 927.

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