Bengal Inter-communal Violence Leaves Dozens of Hindu Homes Vandalized and Burned

Inter-communal conflicts in Bangladesh’s Rangpur district damaged 66 houses and burned down 20 homes belonging to Hindus.

According to Assistant Police Superintendent Mohammad Kamruzzaman, the riots were reportedly triggered by a social media post amid protests by Hindus against incidents of temple vandalism.

Because of the social media post, an angry mob composed of more than 100 people headed to the fishing village of Majhipara and started attacking Hindu homes.

Police tried to defend the poster of the controversial post while the mob started attacking other homes. 

The Fire Service reported that 29 homes, two kitchens, two barns, and 20 haystacks belonging to 15 different families were razed but no injuries or deaths were reported.  

At least 52 people have been arrested in connection with the attack while more are being hunted by the police. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to catch the suspects and warned against further attacks on Hindu temples and Durga Puja venues.

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