Belarusian Airline Belavia Cuts Fleet in Half Due to EU Sanctions

Belavia has been forced to cut its 30-plane fleet into just 15 after being sanctioned by the EU in response to the recent migrant crisis at the EU border.

According to the EU Council, the Belarusian government tried to “instrumentalize migrants for political purposes”, by facilitating illegal crossings at the European Union border and that Belavia had been part of it.

Belavia reportedly flew migrants from the Middle East who were sold tickets by local tourism agencies under the guise of “tour packages.”

The EU Council also said that Belavia prevented its employees from participating in protests.

Belavia has already been banned from EU airspace and would not be allowed to take leases from EU aircraft manufacturers.

Most of Belavia’s planes are leased from AerCap and Nordic Aviation Capital but the EU Council has not said if Belavia would be forced to return them.

Belavia denied any wrongdoing and said that the sanctions are giving anxiety to their almost 2000 employees.

“The introduction of new restrictions leads to more anxiety among people and questions relating to the further work of Belavia,” said Belavia.

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