Belarus to Recieve Russian Arms

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that they will receive a huge military hardware consignment from Russia.

“I signed the order the day before yesterday. We will get tens of aircraft, tens of helicopters, and most importantly air defense systems soon. I don’t want to say how much money and what else it cost us. We may even get S-400 [air defense systems]. We need them a lot, I’ve already talked about it,” said Lukashenko. 

Lukashenko also confirmed that he will hold talks in Moscow on September 9 with his Russian President Vladimir Putin on further cooperation and integration and it is expected to be signed in October-November.

Russian and Belarusian forces will also hold the large joint Zapad-2021 military exercises later this month from September 10 until 16.

Lukashenko defended that deeper integration with Russia will not deprive his country of sovereignty.

 “We are building up our ties as two sovereign states. There is no need to destroy the sovereignty and independence of the two nations,” explained Lukashenko.

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