Beijing Police Bans Helping Crashed Winter Olympics Vehicles Due to Health Concerns

Beijing police said in a statement that Beijing police said that as part of the national zero-COVID strategy, residents should not even rush to help an Olympics vehicle should it crash to avoid violating the Games’ strict “bubble” against COVID-19.

“In case of traffic accidents with special vehicles for the Winter Olympics, please pay attention to maintaining a safe distance,” Beijing’s Traffic Management Bureau said in a post on Weibo.

“Do not make contact with vehicles or personnel in them and wait for professionals to arrive at the scene,” it added.

The Winter Olympics would be held in a “closed-loop” to ensure that no athlete or other participants come into contact with the public.

Authorities closed the bubble last week, which means that all participants of the Games including, volunteers, cleaners, and coach drivers, will be sheltered for weeks with no access to the outside world.

In contrast with China’s “bubble,” the COVID-19-delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics allowed some movement in and out for volunteers and other personnel.

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