Beijing Claims US Applied Visas for Winter Olympics Despite Protests

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Monday the Chinese side received visa applications from relevant U.S. personnel, mainly from the State Department and the Pentagon, to provide security and medical support for U.S. athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Once again we urge the U.S. to follow the Olympic spirit in practice, refrain from politicizing sports, and stop erroneous words and acts that disrupt or undermine the Beijing Winter Olympics,” Zhao said, referring to the earlier announcement of the Biden administration of a diplomatic boycott to Beijing Winter Olympics.  

Meanwhile, the US State Department spokesperson said on Tuesday that the country’s diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics still stands.

“Any visa applications were for consular and security personnel,” adding that it was routine to provide athletes, coaches, and others with access to services enjoyed by Americans abroad.

“The U.S. won’t change its decision to refrain from sending diplomatic or official representatives to the Olympics in February,” the statement read.

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