Bahrain Appoints First Ambassador to Syria in a Decade

The Kingdom of Bahrain on Thursday announced the appointment of Waheed Mubarak Sayyar as its first ambassador to Damascus after 10 years due to conflict in Syria, the state news agency BNA reported.

The appointment is a part of a diplomatic shift in the Middle East, where the United Arab Emirates and Oman already reinstated its diplomatic mission in Damascus.

Bahrain had shut its diplomatic mission in Damascus after the Syrian government used force against the 2011 protests that plagued the country into a war.

In March 2011, a pro-democracy demonstration erupted against Bashar al-Assad in Syria that turned into a full-scale civil war.

Things have gone worse when the Syrian government used deadly force to crush the dissent, protests demanding the president’s resignation due to corruption and unemployment.

The United Arab Emirates, and Oman already have resumed its diplomatic mission to Damascus, but Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are yet to resume their diplomatic activities.

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