Avian Flu Kills More Than 3000 Birds in UK’s Farne Island

The UK National Trust reported that more than 3000 seabirds have died of bird flu in the Farne Islands.

The Farne Islands, which are located off the Northumberland coast are home to about 200,000 birds from 23 different species. 

Rangers have only managed to collect 3,000 carcasses so far, many of which were ringed, but many more are believed to have fallen into the sea. 

Most of those that died were terns, guillemots, kittiwakes and young puffins.

“The scale of this disaster calls for an urgent national response plan for the virus in wild birds. We need a more coordinated approach to ensure effective monitoring, surveillance and reporting to support research into the impacts this deadly disease is having on our wild birds across the UK,” said Ben McCarthy, the National Trust’s head of nature conservation and restoration ecology.

Visits to the Farne Islands have been restricted since earlier this month to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Health experts, however, claimed that the risk of bird to human contamination is low. 

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