Auction House Sotheby’s Sells Record $7.3 Billion Worth of Art in 2021

Auction house Sotheby’s announced on Dec. 15 that it has sold a record $7.3 billion worth of art and other collectibles so far in 2021.

Sotheby’s said that its annual sale for this year represented “the strongest total” in its 277-year history.

According to the auction house, it had already made $6 billion from auctions this year — a 71% increase from last year — with 20 auctions to go before the year ends and $1.3 billion in private sales.

Sotheby’s also said the “influx of younger, tech-savvy collectors” during the pandemic helped boost sales.

Sotheby’s said that its sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which sparked a “dramatic expansion” of its audience, contributed to nearly $100 million, including the $16.8 million worth of NFTs it sold in three days during its first sale.

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