At Least 58 Taliban Reported Killed In Panjshir Clashes

At least 58 Taliban fighters were killed in clashes with the opposition fighters in different parts of Panjshir province in northern Afghan capital Kabul since Monday night.

The National Resistance Front (NRF) claimed that another 12 “Taliban occupiers” were wounded as a result of general operations in Tolkha, Manjahor, Abdullah Khail, Shaaba, Pishghoor and Kohsoor of Paryaan bases across Panjshir province.

NRF in a statement said that another 40 Taliban fighters were captured during the clashes which are still going on in the province.

“The heroic forces of the NRF have inflicted heavy defeats on Taliban fighters in various parts of the country, and many of the aggressor forces have been killed, wounded and captured alive,” the statement added.

The NRF forces also suffered some casualties but the exact number is unknown so far.

The Taliban did not comment on the matter so far, but in the past it has repeatedly rejected any armed fights in Panjshir.

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