Asteroid 2017 AE3 to Fly Past Earth

An asteroid, named 2017 AE3 by NASA, will shoot past Earth on Wednesday.

NASA labeled the asteroid a “close approach” space rock which is expected to come about 1.9 million miles (3.05 million km) close to Earth.

Anything passing within 120 million miles of Earth is considered a Near-Earth Object (NEO) which scientists monitor whether they’re on a collision course with our planet.

Space organizations consider objects that come within 4.65 million miles as potentially dangerous, making asteroid 2017 AE3 a potential hazard since a small change in their trajectory could cause a collision with Earth.

Wednesday’s asteroid, however, is expected to shoot past our planet at around 47,000 miles per hour with no issues and does not pose immediate threats.

The object could be up to 853 feet wide, almost three times the size of the Statue of Liberty which is 305 feet high.

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