ASEAN to Reconsider Peace Plan if Myanmar Executes More Prisoners

Cambodian Prime Minister and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) chair Hun Sen said the organization would reconsider its peace plan if Myanmar executed more prisoners.

Following Myanmar’s execution of four activists last week, Hun Sen warned the country that ASEAN would rethink the Five-Point Consensus, which the organization agreed to in 2021 amid the coup d’état in Myanmar.

The Five-Point Consensus included the immediate cessation of violence, peaceful solutions through dialogues, mediation of dialogue processes by the ASEAN chair, ASEAN’s provision of humanitarian assistance, and visitation of a special envoy to Myanmar.

On July 25, ASEAN released a statement denouncing the execution of the four activists and appealing for the reconsideration of sentences. ASEAN said that the death sentences showed a lack of will to support the efforts of the organization to implement the peace plan.

“Cambodia, as well as all ASEAN member states, is deeply disappointed and disturbed by the execution of those opposition activists, despite the appeals from me and others for the death sentences to be reconsidered for the sake of political dialogue, peace, and reconciliation,” Hun Sen said during the opening of the 55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Wednesday.

Hun Sen said ASEAN would continue to help Myanmar find political solutions to its current crisis.

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