Angry Octopus Whips Australian Geologist in Geographe Bay, Australia

Lance Karlson, a geologist has been attacked by an octopus while swimming at Geographe Bay on Western Australia.

Karlson taking a leisurely swim with his daughter outside the Ramada resort in Dunsborough when he saw an octopus lashing its tentacles at a seagull. 

After approaching for a closer look, the octopus turned it’s attention to Karlson then attacked him. 

Karlson managed to get footage of the attack showing the octopus lashing at him before retreating. 

Karlson later found the octopus lair after he went snorkeling after a while.

The creature suddenly attacked Karlson again lashed him in his arm, neck, and back with tentacles before wrapping his neck.  

“My goggles became fogged, the water was suddenly murky and I remember being shocked and confused,” said Karlson.

Karlson managed to free himself and retreated back to shore and saw that there were tentacle marks across his body.

The octopus tentacles left Karlson with a stinging sensation but did not leave him with any serious injuries.

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