Amazon Workers in Italy Hold Strike, Asks Customers Not to Buy

Multiple unions in Italy have called for workers at Amazon’s logistics operations to go on a 24-hour strike today following a breakdown of negotiations over working conditions.

The strike will affect Amazon’s entire logistics structure in Italy and involve workers from warehouses, logistics hubs and delivery services. The delivery services in particular are represented by employer association Assoepressi.

The FILT-CGIL, FIT-CISL and Uiltrasporti unions told the press that negotiations with Assoespressi over contracts for Amazon workers had “come to an abrupt halt because of the lobby’s unwillingness to positively address the issues raised”. Unions had asked the lobby to revise staff contracts, specifically clauses that dealt with workloads, shift hours, lunch vouchers, bonuses and travel payments.

The unions also levied claims against Amazon itself, saying that the massive tech company was unwilling to hold meetings with worker representatives. Amazon has denied these claims, noting that Amazon representatives met with Italian unions twice in January.

Amazon also said that unions should discuss contract terms with the provided delivery service providers in addition to lobby groups.

The tech giant currently employs 9,500 people full-time in Italy, with two thirds of that workforce belonging to the logistics department. 

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