Alleged Belarussian Hacking Campaign Targets Lithuania

Alleged Belarusian government-backed hacking group UNC1151 was alleged to be involved in the Ghostwriter hacking campaign that targeted Lithuania,

According to cybersecurity firm Mandiant, UNC1151 provides technical support to the Ghostwriter campaign which aimed to sow disinformation in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Germany.

“This assessment, along with observed Ghostwriter narratives consistent with Belarusian government interests, causes us to assess with moderate confidence that Belarus is also likely at least partially responsible for the Ghostwriter campaign,” said Mandiant.

Mandiant however did not explain how Belarus is connected to UNC1151 while Baltic state governments and Germany have suspected that Ghostwriter was a Russian campaign.

Mandiant only revealed that based on the evidence they gathered from UNC1151 activities, they were based in Minsk and that they did not target Estonia which did not border Belarus. 

The Belarusian government has not yet made a statement on the allegations.

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