Alexander Schallenberg Sworn in as New Chancellor of Austria

Former Austrian foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg was inaugurated as the country’s new chancellor on Monday, October 11, following ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s resignation due to corruption allegations. 

Schallenberg said that he is taking his job “with the utmost respect for the office and challenges ahead,” and will be doing everything in his power to serve the people of Austria. 

President Alexander Van de Bellen congratulated Schallenberg and welcomed him in the president’s office in Vienna, and declared Michael Linhart as successor of the new chancellor’s former post as foreign minister. 

Former chancellor Sebastian Kurz said in a statement that the corruption allegations against him have stirred up since 2016, and was certain that the accusations are wrong and he can defend himself from it. He added that messages have been exchanged in the midst of the pretense, but it was only due to high emotions and he only made a human mistake. 

Kurz concluded his statement by saying that Austria’s needs are more important than his own, and what it required was steady governance. He said, “It’s not about me, it’s about Austria. That was always my approach. That is my approach today. And that will always be my approach in the future.”

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