Alex Jones Sandy Hook hoax case to start Tuesday

Alex Jones will stand trial a second time starting on Tuesday for calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a “hoax” and causing emotional and psychological harm to several victims’ families.

The Connecticut lawsuit against Jones alleges defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violations of the state Unfair Trade Practices Act.

A six-member jury with several alternates in Connecticut will begin hearing evidence on Tuesday on how much Jones should pay the families as he had been found liable for damages to them.

Norman Pattis, Jones’ lawyer, said Jones will testify in the trial on Tuesday.

“He is looking forward to putting this trial behind him; it has been a long and costly distraction,” Pattis said.

Judge Barbara Bellis, who found Jones liable for damages, will preside over the trial.

The trial will take place in Waterbury, Connecticut, approximately 18 miles northeast of Newtown, and will last about four weeks.

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