Afghan Women Protest Taliban Travel Rules

Dozens of Afghan women, including a number of female activists on Tuesday marched through the streets of Afghan capital city of Kabul, chanting slogans against Taliban’s new restriction rule on them.

The protestors gathered in front of the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Preventive of Vice, blaming it for discrimination against women.

Protesters held banners reading, “We are tired of discrimination – We are the voice of hungry people – Why you have closed schools.”

The protest comes days after the Taliban announced new restrictions on Afghan women, which said they can’t travel farther than 72 kilometer, unless to be accompanied by a close male relative.

One of the protesters, Wida, said it’s not possible to find close relatives in emergency moments.

The protestors also changed that they are not the women of two decades ago, and they will fight for their fundamental rights.

The Taliban can’t stop us from going to universities and schools, Wida said. “It’s our right to study and work. Our social freedom must be honored,” she asked.

The protestors accused the Taliban of limiting their rights in the society.

Another protester, Shayesta said the Afghan women will continue to protest against the Taliban’s decision of not going out without male partner.

“First, the Taliban stopped us from going to educational centers, and workplaces, now they came up with new travel rules,” Shayest added.

The Afghan women staged numerous protests since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on August 15, demanding rights to education and work.

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