Afghan Rescuers Race Against Time to Rescue Boy Trapped in Well for Two Days

Rescuers scramble to rescue a five-year-old boy trapped down a well for two days in a remote southern village in Afghanistan.

A video on social media showed the boy named Haidar wedged in the Shokak village in Zabul province, but he is able to move his arms and upper body.

An official from the provincial information and culture department told BBC that the boy slipped to the bottom of the 25-meter shaf  after falling off a road on Feb. 15.

Rescuers pulled the boy to about 10 meters before getting stuck.

The boy’s condition has reportedly deteriorated, although the boy’s grandfather passed down food and water using a bucket attached to a rope, according to AFP News.

Other videos on social media showed the rescue operation taking place.

According to a local official, rescuers were digging a tunnel to reach the boy and are close to getting him out.

Photos on social media also showed that oxygen tanks have been delivered.

Ambulances were also reportedly present to take the boy to a hospital as soon as he is rescued.

Afghan Defense Minister Muhammad Yaqoub Mujahed was present at the scene of the rescue operation.

The incident comes less than two weeks after a boy in Morocco died after getting trapped in a well for four days.

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