31 Decomposing Bodies Found at Indiana Funeral Home

At least 31 decomposing bodies were found at the Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center in Jefferson, Indiana, on Friday.

According to the Jeffersonville Police Department, investigators also discovered 16 “post-cremation remains” in addition to the 31 bodies at the Lankford Funeral Home that were in various stages of decay.

Major Isaac Parker reported that the county coroner’s office received a report of a pungent smell coming from the establishment, which led to the discovery that some of the bodies had been stored at the funeral home as far back as March. 

In an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal, Major Parker called for the assistance of the families of the individuals that were found at the Lankford Funeral Home.

“I’m sorry that they’ve already suffered a loss and now they’re dealing with this situation. We ask anybody that has information to please reach out to us,” said Parker. 

Parker elaborated that police officers who wore hazmat suits for the investigation found the bodies strewn “In different places around the building.”

“It was a very unpleasant scene,” expressed Parker.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office recently took custody of the remains for identification.

According to Parker, Lankford’s owner has been speaking with Jefferson authorities since Friday, and that an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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