Russia to Cut Finland Gas on Saturday

Fourth Estateनॉर्ड स्ट्रीम 2 वरील गॅस पाईपच्या भागावर "रशिया".

Gasum, Finland’s state-owned gas wholesaler announced that Russia will stop delivering gas supplies starting Saturday. “On the afternoon of Friday, May 20, Gazprom Export informed Gasum that natural gas supplies to Finland under Gasum’s supply contract will be cut on …

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Spain Braces for Intense Heat Wave

The Spanish government implemented its national plan for extreme temperatures after the state meteorological office, Aemet, warned that Spain will face “one of the hottest Mays in recent years.” According to Aemet, temperatures in portions of southern Spain are expected …

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Boeing Tests Starliner Astronaut Capsule

(NASA/Bill Ingalls)Starliner Capsule | NASA/Bill Ingalls

Boeing has launched its new Starliner astronaut capsule on a test flight from Florida bound for the International Space Station on Thursday. Starliner lifted off a pad at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 6:54 PM, setting off the …

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Monkeypox Cases Detected in Australia

Fourth Estateसक्रिय मंकीपॉक्स संसर्ग | WHO

Australia’s first case of monkeypox has been detected in Victoria while a “very likely” second case was also discovered in New South Wales. In a news release, Associate Professor Deborah Friedman, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease) of the Victoria …

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यूएसने गोठवलेल्या वाळलेल्या मंकीपॉक्स लसींचे आदेश दिले

जारोन चुबस्विस सीरम अँड व्हॅक्सिन इन्स्टिट्यूट फॉर डीएचएसएस, 1980 द्वारे स्क्रॅच तंत्रासह वापरण्यासाठी वाळलेल्या चेचक लस बीपी (ओविन) चे पॅकेट, लॅन्सी-वॅक्सिनाचा एकच डोस, XNUMX. संपूर्ण दृश्य, बॉक्स आणि भाग, ग्रेज्युएट ग्रे बॅकग्राउंड. | जारोन चुब

युनायटेड स्टेट्स सरकारने मंकीपॉक्स विरूद्ध लसीचे लाखो डोस खरेदी केले आहेत. लस उत्पादक, बव्हेरियन नॉर्डिक यांनी यूएस सरकारकडून $119 दशलक्ष ऑर्डरची घोषणा केली. “आम्ही या अंतर्गत पहिल्या पर्यायांच्या व्यायामाची घोषणा करताना आनंदी आहोत…

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United States Eases Some Venezuela Sanctions

Fourth EstateUnited States and Venezuelan Flags

The United States government has eased a few economic sanctions on Venezuela to encourage continued negotiations between the government of President Nicolás Maduro and the US-backed opposition. The move followed the meeting in March with representatives of the US administration …

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Hundreds of Drivers Stranded Amid Border Closure Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Fourth EstateView of Afghanistan from Tajikistan | Ninara

Tensions between the two neighboring countries, Afghanistan and Tajikistan have reached their new highest after the Taliban prevented Tajiki truck drivers from crossing back into their country. A Tajki driver, Delshad said that he has been trapped at Shir Khan …

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Peru Requests Extradition of Italian Captain for Oil Spill Investigation

Fourth EstateGiacomo Pisani, captain of the il tanker, Mare Doricum | FdA

Peruvian prosecutors said they had requested the extradition of the Italian captain of the Italian-flagged Mare Doricum oil tanker, accused of being responsible for the maneuvers that resulted in the spill of thousands of barrels of oil off the coast …

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Switzerland to Reopen Ukraine Embassy

Fourth EstateEmbassy of Switzerland in Ukraine | K. Holodovsky

Switzerland announced it will reopen its embassy in Kyiv after closing down last February due to safety concerns. The Swiss foreign ministry said that five staff, including Ambassador Claude Wilde along with local staff, will return after considering that the …

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ओक्लाहोमा विधानमंडळाने यूएस मधील सर्वात कठोर गर्भपात बंदी मंजूर केली

Fourth Estateयूएस सिनेट रो विरुद्ध वेड निर्णयापूर्वी गर्भपात अधिकार विधेयक मंजूर करण्यात अयशस्वी - C-SPAN

ओक्लाहोमा येथील रिपब्लिकन-नेतृत्वाखालील विधानसभेने 19 मे रोजी गर्भधारणेच्या क्षणापासून गर्भपातावर बंदी घालणारे विधेयक मंजूर केले, काही अपवादांसह, युनायटेड स्टेट्समधील गर्भपातावर सर्वात कठोर बंदी बनवली. 73 ते 16 मतांनी राज्य…

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