Grenoble Votes to Authorize Controversial Burkini

Fourth EstateWoman wearing a "Burkini"

The French city of Grenoble is poised to vote on Monday on whether Muslim women can once again wear burkinis in public pools. “Today is the city council meeting during which the city of Grenoble will propose to modify the …

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G7 Nations Denounce Taliban Restrictions On Afghan Women, Girls

The G7 Foreign Ministers strongly condemned the Taliban’s new decree enforcing Hijab on Afghan women and new punishments for family members to enforce compliance with these restrictions. “We stand with the Afghan people in their demand for equal rights in …

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Japanese PM asks Germany to Help Demolish Comfort Women Statue

C.Suthorn@wikisource.deThe Friedensstatue (statue of peace) was erected by the working group comfort women at the Korea Association in Berlin-Moabit on Monday, 28 September 2020 - C. Suthorn

A top government spokesperson said Wednesday that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asked Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz to help remove a Korean “comfort women” statue in Berlin.   “The prime minister said it was extremely regrettable to see the comfort …

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UN Expresses Concern Over Taliban’s Compulsory Burqa For Afghan Women

Marius ArnesenAfghan women wearing burkhas on the street in Herat, Afghanistan - Marius Arnesen

The United Nations has expressed its deep concerns over the Taliban’s new order for the Afghan women to compulsory cover their faces in public and should only leave their homes in case of necessity. The United Nations Assistance Mission in …

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Report: Leaked Supreme Court Draft Opinion Suggests Majority Set to Overturn Roe v. Wade Decision

Fourth EstateThe Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)

A leaked United States Supreme Court draft opinion has suggested that the majority of the court is poised to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established a constitutional right to abortion, Politico reported. “Roe was egregiously wrong from …

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South Korea “Comfort women” Pact with Japan Becomes Official

Incoming South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said the bilateral agreement with Japan in 2015 over comfort women has become official. Park’s statement came ahead of the newly elected president Moon Jae In’s visit to Japan to discuss bilateral issues. …

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Yoshinoya Boss Fired for Sexist Remarks

Fourth EstateJapanese beef bowl chain Yoshinoya Holdings

Japanese beef bowl chain Yoshinoya Holdings fired a senior manager on Tuesday after he said sexist remarks at a university lecture that went viral on social media. Masaaki Ito, a business development manager, compared Yoshinoya Holdings’ marketing strategy to drugging …

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Maryland Lawmakers Override Republican Governor, Expand Abortion Access

Maryland lawmakers have expanded the access to abortion, allowing trained medical professionals other than doctors to perform medical abortions amid the decision of the state’s governor to veto the bill. Under House Bill 937, known as the Abortion Care Access …

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Spain Bans Harassment of Women who Had Abortions

PicasaAbortion protest - Barcelona, Spain - David Berkowit/Wikicommons

Spain has criminalized the harassment or intimidation of women going for abortions under the new legislation approved on Wednesday. Anti-abortion activists who try to convince women not to terminate their pregnancies could face up to a year of imprisonment. Pedro …

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