Spain Heatwave Reached as High as 40C

Fourth EstateHeat Haze at Tenuel Airport | Rab Lawrence

Spain’s national weather agency, AEMET issued high-temperature warnings in 17 regions as the country experienced temperatures that were usually only seen in midsummer. On Friday, the city of Jaén in Andalucía, southern Spain, recorded a temperature of 40.3 degrees Celsius. …

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Bangladesh Floods Kill Dozens

UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul HasanFlood in Bangladesh | UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

At least 60 have died in widespread flooding and torrential rains in parts of Bangladesh and India. Mosharraf Hossain, the Sylhet region’s chief government administrator, said floodwaters from India’s northeast breached a main barrier on the Barak River and flooded …

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Storm Kills 8 in Canada, 250,000 Homes Without Power

Fourth EstateStorm over Canada | Piqsels

At least 8 people were killed after a storm ravaged southern Canadian provinces while an estimated 250,000 homes were left without power. According to Environment Canada, wind gusts of up to 132 km/h were recorded in Kitchener, Ontario while wind …

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Delhi Temperatures Reaches 49C

Fourth EstateTemperature map of the Indian sub-continent - NOAA

New Delhi has recorded maximum temperatures as high as 49.2 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The temperature in Mungeshpur in New Delhi reached 49.1 degrees Celsius and 49.2 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh, while the lowest temperature recorded reached 45.5 degrees Celsius …

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Heatwave Kills Birds in India

Photographer: Emilian Robert Vicol ,, Public DoDead Bird - Emilian Robert Vicol

Veterinarians and rescuers in India said Wednesday the heat waves sweeping across the country are killing birds.  According to local media reports, animal rescuers are picking up dozens of exhausted and dehydrated birds dropping every day in Gujarat state as …

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Oklahoma Buildings Damaged by Possible Tornado

Fourth EstateTornado forming in the distance - poo dog

Oklahoma authorities have reported significant damage to buildings and homes through the areas of Texas and Oklahoma, with extensive power outages on Wednesday. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said that the city of Seminole suffered significant damage from the …

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Temperatures Reach 60°C in Parts of North India

Fourth EstateIndia Heat Map - ESA

Satellite images of the land surface captured by the Sentinel-3 mission showed that the land surface temperatures over parts of northwest India exceeded 60 degrees Celsius on Saturday. “… the Sentinel-3 mission was able to obtain an accurate measurement of …

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