Azov Sea May Face Extinction Due To Bombings

Fourth EstateThe coast of the Azov Sea at low tide | AlixSaz

Russia’s bombing of the Azovstal steel plant might cause the “complete” extinction of the Sea of Azov. The Mariupol City Council posted on Telegram Wednesday that the bombings in the Azovstal steel plant could damage facilities that contain concentrated hydrogen …

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UN Cites $20b Cost for Yemen Oil Spill Cleanup

Fourth EstateMV Wakashio Spill - Greenpeace

The United Nations (UN) warned on Monday that cleaning up an oil spill in the case of the “imminent” break-up of an oil tanker abandoned near Yemen would cost $20 billion. UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen David Gressly revealed that …

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Toxic Foam Spreads Through Bogota

Fourth EstateSeafoam - Bob Franklin

Authorities of the Colombian capital Bogotá warned residents against getting too close to the blanket of foul-smelling foam, which was seen drifting through the streets, hovering over houses and businesses. “The smell is terrible – [and] we’ve had to put …

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Oil Tanker Sinks Off Tunisia, Divers Claim 750t of Fuel Has not Leaked

Fourth EstateXelo, a bunkreing tanker carrying 750 tons of diesel fuel oil in an undated file photo - Handout

Government divers have claimed that Xelo, a tanker carrying 750 tons of diesel fuel has not leaked yet after it sunk while sailing from Egypt to Malta last Saturday off Tunisia’s southeast coast. Xelo sailed under the flag of Equatorial …

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Peruvian Government Suspends Repsol Oil Unloading Operations

The Peruvian government has halted Repsol SA’s oil-loading and offloading activities at the La Pampilla refinery, saying the Spanish energy company hasn’t provided enough guarantees to prevent any future oil spills, following a spill of over 10,000 barrels that has …

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Ecuador Reports Oil Pipeline Leak in Amazon

Ecuador officials said they are monitoring the progress of an operation to clean up an oil leak in the Amazon jungle that threatens to pollute a river. A spokesperson from the environment ministry said a rockfall struck and ruptured an …

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Oil Spill Spreads Through Rayong Province, State of Emergency Declared

The governor of Rayong, a province in eastern Thailand, declared a state of emergency on Saturday after an oil slick washed up on a sand beach, following an oil spill from an undersea pipe belonging to Star Petroleum Refining Plc …

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Peruvian Government Mulls Sanctions for Repsol after Oil Spill

Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez said the government was looking at sanctioning a major local refinery owned by Spanish energy firm Repsol after an oil spill last week and did not rule out suspending operations at the facility. “We are …

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