Airbnb Closing its Business in China

Fourth EstateAirbnb logo on Chinese flag

Airbnb said Tuesday it would close its business inside China indefinitely amid the lockdowns and travel restrictions as part of China’s zero-COVID policy. According to an Airbnb notice shared across Chinese social media, Airbnb would cease taking all bookings for …

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Saudi Arabia Bans Travel to 16 Countries Over Fresh COVID-19 Outbreaks

Saudi Arabia has banned its citizens from traveling to 16 countries following a fresh outbreak of COVID-19 and a rapid surge in the number of new cases in respective countries. These countries include India, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, …

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Japan to Ease Pandemic Restrictions and Allow Tourists to Visit from Four Countries

Fourth EstateWelcome sign at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

The Japan Tourism Agency announced Tuesday that it would allow small-scale tours for vaccinated tourists from the United States, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore later this month as a trial before the full-scale reception of foreign visitors planned for June. “This …

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Japan to Permit 20,000 Daily International Arrivals in June

Japan government sources said on Wednesday that Japan’s government will increase the limit on foreign arrivals to 20,000 people per day in June. The foreign arrival limit ease will reportedly continue after airport quarantine infrastructure examinations and the condition of …

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Egypt Detains 13 Teenagers For Harassing Female Tourists

Fourth EstatePyramids at Giza - Sean Ellis

Egyptian police detained 13 teenage boys on suspicion of harassing two female foreign tourists at the Giza Pyramids near the capital city Cairo. Prosecutors said that the accused boys were between 13 and 15 years old and they are in …

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Italy and Greece Relax COVID-19 Restrictions for Tourists

Fourth EstateGreece and Italy - Fourth Estate

The civil aviation authority of Greece has lifted its COVID-19 restrictions for domestic and international flights on Sunday in preparation for the peak of tourism season in Europe, which begins after Greek Orthodox Easter on April 24. According to reports, …

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U.S. Family Sparks Panic After Bringing Unexploded Bomb to Israeli Airport

Fourth EstateBen Gurion Airport - Jorge Láscar

An American family of tourists sparked panic at an Israeli airport on April 28 after they presented an old, unexploded bomb at a security check. According to the authorities at Ben Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv, the family picked …

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European Commission Proposes Visa-Free Travel For Qatar and Kuwait Nationals

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed lifting visa requirements for the nationals of Qatar and Kuwait while traveling to the European Union countries. The EU executive body in a statement said that under this proposal, once agreed, Qatar and Kuwait …

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