China Urges US to Cancel Additional Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Fourth EstateChinese Goods - ThiNguyen2021

China urged the United States to reconsider and cancel the additional tariffs imposed on Chinese goods “as early as possible.” Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday that the additional tariff imposed on Chinese goods was not in the …

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EU Proposes Suspension of Ukraine Import Duties

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to temporarily suspend import duties on all Ukrainian exports to support the trade flows from Ukraine to the European Union. The commission said that the present war in Ukraine has affected the country’s ability …

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US Rolls Back UK Steel Tarriffs

Fourth EstateNewly manufactured rolls of aluminium on the foundry room production line

The United States and Britain ended a four-year dispute over U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Tuesday, resolving an issue that had strained relations between the allies. The two countries pledged to work together to counter China in a deal …

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US Threatens Retaliatory 25% Tariff on UK over Tech Firms Tax

U.S. lawmakers have warned that they will impose a 25% tariff on multiple goods from the U.K. following a “tech firm tax” imposed by British lawmakers in 2020. The tariff would affect a whole host of products exported to the …

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