France’s Far-Right Marine Le Pen Rises in Second Presidential Bets Poll

Fourth EstateMarine Le Pen - Rémi Noyon/Flickr

The latest polls on the French presidential elections showed that incumbent President Emmanuel Macron will face a tight race against his far-right rival Marine Le Pen. A Harris Interactive poll showed, within the margin of error, that Macron was leading …

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UK Lawmaker Becomes First Transgender Member of Parliament

Fourth EstateUK MP for Brigend, Jamie Wallis - UK Parliament

Conservative lawmaker Jamie Wallis on Wednesday became the first from the British parliament to openly declare that they were transgender. “I’m trans. Or to be more accurate, I want to be. I’ve been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and I’ve felt …

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Meta Cancels Dutch Data Center Project

Facebook owner Meta said on Tuesday that it is suspending plans to build a giant data center in the Netherlands, following political opposition. Meta’s decision came a week after the Dutch Senate passed a motion asking Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s …

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Awkwafina Quits Twitter After Addressing ‘Blaccent’ Controversy

Comedian and actress Awkwafina issued a series of statements on Tuesday addressing criticisms from the press and social media that she has appropriated a “blaccent,” or Black accent, in her career. “My immigrant background allowed me to carve an American …

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