NASA Helicopter Captures Rover Wreckage on Mars

Fourth EstateNASA’s Perseverance Rover - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter recently captured the wreckage of the Perseverance rover that descended onto the Martian surface on February 18 of last year. The process of the Perseverance rover’s entry at nearly 12,500 mph (20,000 kph) into the Martian …

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Venus and Jupiter Will Appear to Collide in Annual Planetary Conjunction

Fourth EstateJupiter - Paul Stewart

Venus and Jupiter will appear to collide with each other in the sky at the end of the month. According to EarthSky, Venus will be 0.2 degrees south of Jupiter on April 30, set to continue on their courses by …

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European Space Agency Stops Cooperation with Russian Lunar Missions

The European Space Agency ended cooperation with Russia on three missions to the Moon due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, following a previous decision to do the same for a Mars mission. The European Space Agency said it …

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Stripe, Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and McKinsey Start Carbon Removal Initiative

Fourth EstateStripe, Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and McKinsey, have launched Frontier, an 'advance market commitment' - Fourth Estate

Big tech companies Stripe, Alphabet, Meta, Shopify, and McKinsey, have launched Frontier, an ‘advance market commitment’ to accelerate the development of permanent carbon removal technologies. “With Frontier, we want to send a loud demand signal to entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors …

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Google Sues Cameroonian Man for Massive Puppy Fraud Scheme

Fourth EstateNche Noel Ntse of Cameroon was accused of breaking Google's terms of service by exploiting its platforms to engage in a massive "puppy fraud" conspiracy, according to the lawsuit.

Mega tech company Google filed a lawsuit against a guy who allegedly used the company’s services to defraud thousands of would-be pet owners out of money for non-existent basset hound puppies. Nche Noel Ntse of Cameroon was accused of breaking …

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Nokia Announces Russia Pullout

Fourth EstateNokia Building - Pxfuel

Nokia said on Tuesday that the company is pulling out of the Russian market amid sanctions from the European Union imposed on Russia over its recent attacks in Ukraine. The announcement came a day after rival Ericsson decided to suspend …

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Pakistan, Uzbekistan to Enhance Cooperation in Science and Technology

The governments of Pakistan and Uzbekistan agreed on Friday to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in Science and Technology sectors through initiating various schemes. Pakistan’s Coordinator General COMESTECH, Iaqbl Choudhary met with Uzbekistan Ambassador to Pakistan Oybek Arif Usmanov, where both …

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US to Build Largest 3D Printed Structures in the West

Fourth EstateRendering created by Logan Architecture showing elevation view of ICON’s 3D-printed barracks in Fort Bliss, Texas. - Courtesy of Logan Architecture

The US Department of Defense (DOD) announced that they will use 3D printing technology to build three training barracks in Texas. Estimated to be more than 5,700 square feet each, the three training barracks will be used by military personnel …

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