Google to pay $4B ECC fine over Android bundling after court upholds ruling

The European Union (EU) General Court upheld the antitrust verdict against Alphabet, the parent company of Google, on Wednesday for putting unjustified limitations on Android mobile device makers and mobile … Read more

UK Blocks Pulsic Takeover by Hong Kong’s Super Orange HK Over Security Concerns

The United Kingdom has blocked Hong Kong-based firm Super Orange HK from taking over the British electronic design automation company Pulsic Limited citing national security concerns. Kwasi Kwarteng, UK’s Secretary … Read more

Congressional Lawmakers Ask Federal Trade Commission to Curb “Abusive and Deceptive Data Practices” by Virtual Private Network Providers

United States congressional lawmakers called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to curb the “abusive and deceptive data practices” of some Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers. In a letter, US … Read more