EU Anti-Fake News Agency Starts Work Against Chinese Propaganda

Fourth EstateScreenshot fot the EUvsDisinfo website taken on 3 May, 2022

The European Union’s anti-fake news agency has started to publish fact-checked reports in Chinese to counter Chinese propaganda. Over the past few weeks, EUvsDisinfo had published two articles in Chinese, debunking fake news about the war in Ukraine. The European …

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Germany Cancels Plans to Ease COVID-19 Regulations

Fourth EstateClosed playground in Eilenriede (Hannover, Germany) due to COVID - Michał Beim/WikiCommons

Germany announced that required isolation for people who contract COVID-19 will not be lifted. After previously declaring that the country will be eliminating most of its COVID-19 restrictions, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach revealed that they will no longer continue …

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China Eyes New Restrictions on Livestreaming Industry

Fourth EstateWeibo App on Phone - Flickr/bfishadow

China is reportedly planning new curbs on its $30 billion live-streaming industry, eyeing stricter regulations over the content consumed by its youth, following more crackdowns on the online sector. Chinese authorities are drafting new regulations to cap internet users’ daily …

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Youtube to Be Blocked in Russia

Russian state media regulator Roskomnadzor will reportedly block Youtube locally for allowing threats against Russians to be published on their platform. Roskomnadzor recently asked Google to stop spreading videos calling for the disruption of railway communications in Russia and Belarus. …

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EU Proposal to Ban Crypto Mining Fails Vote

The European Union rejected a proposal that would have banned mining of energy-intensive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as the bloc passes new regulations for the digital assets sector. The EU’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee passed a final draft of …

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Biden Announces Move to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order on Wednesday to push federal agencies to draft cryptocurrency regulations. According to the order, It is the first attempt of the US at coordinating the government’s strategy towards regulation of digital …

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New Zealand Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters Camps Inside the Wellington Legislature’s Grounds

New Zealand anti-vaccine mandate protesters demanding an end to coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates camped inside the Wellington legislature’s grounds and vowed to stay “as long as it takes” on Wednesday. “We’re here as long as it takes. It feels …

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Kuwait Deports 18,221 Foreign Workers Over Violations

Kuwait authorities on Tuesday said they had expelled 18,221 foreign workers last year due to violations of labor rules and regulations. Asia News reported that11,177 men and 7,044 women out of more than 257,000 migrants have to leave the country …

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