Vienna Train Derailment Kills One, Injures Dozens

Fourth EstateA train accident on Monday evening on the Pottendorf line in Münchendorf (Mödling district) left one dead, three seriously injured, and at least ten slightly injured.

A train accident on Monday evening on the Pottendorf line in Münchendorf (Mödling district) left one dead, three seriously injured, and at least ten slightly injured. A “Ventus” train carrying 70 passengers derailed on the Raarberbahn (REX 7657) while it …

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Lviv Missile Strike Causes Blackouts and Train Disruptions

A Russian missile strike left nearly 250,000 people in the Lviv region without electricity on Tuesday evening, May 3. According to a report from state news agency Ukrinform, Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration said in a …

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Ukrainian Railways Shelled by Russian Forces After Blinken Visit

Fourth EstateUkraine Railways - Kamil Korecz

Ukrainian Railways reported that the Russian military struck five train stations in Ukraine on Monday, killing at least five people. The railway strike came just hours after the highest-level American visit to Kyiv since Russia launched its war on the …

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Italian Court Rules Conductor who Allegedly Terrorized Passengers with Fines Wrongfully Dismissed

Fourth EstateFrancesco Bonanno

The Italian train conductor Francesco Bonanno said his “nightmare is over” after the country’s top court ruled he was wrongfully dismissed. Bonanno was accused of “terrorizing” passengers by issuing too many fines within two years while controlling tickets across northern …

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Florida Judge Overturns CDC Mask Mandate for Planes, Public Transit

Fourth EstateJudge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle - Fourth Estate

A federal judge in Florida on April 18 struck down the national mask mandate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for planes and other forms of public transportation. United States District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in …

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Finland Suspends Russia-EU-Train line

Fourth EstateKarelian Trains Class Sm6 "Allegro" at Helsinki Central railway station before its first commercial journey to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010 - Otto Karikoski

Finnish train operator VR announced that it has temporarily stopped operations of its Allegro service today, March 28 from Helsinki to Russia.  Topi Simola, SVP for Passenger Services at VR Group, said in a statement that the suspension of its …

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Asian Development Bank Approves $162m Loan to Modernize Railway in Uzbekistan

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $162 million loan that will electrify 465 kilometers of railway line connecting major urban centers in western Uzbekistan, improving railway services and boosting trade and tourism in the region. The project will …

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Two Trains Collide in UK Tunnel

Two trains have collided between the town of Andover and the city of Salisbury in the United Kingdom on Oct. 31. “Emergency services are responding to an incident at Fisherton Tunnel near Salisbury Station, involving the 1708 GWR service between …

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Philadelphia Train Riders Failed to Intervene as Woman was Allegedly Raped, Authorities Say

Bystanders failed to help a woman from being raped on a transit train in Philadelphia last week or to call police, authorities said. The alleged incident, described as a “horrendous criminal act,” occurred on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) …

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