Chinese Jets enter Taiwanese Airspace for the 5th Time in April

Fourth EstateRadar Screen - BenFrantzDale/Flickr

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) in Taiwan has identified a Chinese military plane flying into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Wednesday, citing that this was the fifth day of Chinese military plane intrusions this month. According to …

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Yoon Wants US Subs and Bombers to Return

TezMessengerNuclear Submarine Surfaced - TezMessenger/Flickr

South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol and U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan have discussed the possible deployment of U.S. strategic assets to South Korea. Rep. Park Jin of Yoon’s People Power Party and the head of the delegation met with …

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Czech Republic Sends Military Equipment to Ukraine

Fourth EstateCzech Pbv-501 infantry fighting vehicles to be transferred from the Czech Republic to Ukraine - Army of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic officials confirmed the country has been sending military equipment to Ukraine in a below-the-radar bid to bolster the eastern European nation’s capacity to resist Russia’s invasion.  “We believe that this is the only thing that can stop …

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Unexploded Ordnance Kills Nearly 30 People Last Month in Syria

Fourth EstateMarked unexploded ordnance in a syrian field - Syria Civil Defence (White Helmets)

Nearly 30 civilians, including children were killed by unexploded ordnance last month in Syria, a war monitoring group said Wednesday, urging relevant international bodies to urgently help remove old ordnance across the war-hit country. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights …

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Israel Loses Freedom of Action Over Lebanon Skies: Official

Fourth EstateTest of an Iranian Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missile of the type believed to be in Hezbollah's arsenal. Image: Hossein Velayati/ - Hossein Velayati/

Israeli Air Force (IAF) Chief Amikam Norkin said Wednesday that his country lost freedom of action over Lebanon skies after a drone was nearly shot down by an anti-aircraft missile over Lebanon a year ago. “Tel Aviv also restricted air …

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Australia, UK, and U.S. to Develop Hypersonic Weapons Under AUKUS Pact

Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States will jointly develop hypersonic weapons and “electronic warfare capabilities” as part of their AUKUS pact. The three governments announced in a joint statement on April 5 that they will “commence new trilateral …

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North Korea Threatens With Nuclear Weapons if Attacked

PicasaNorth Korean Missile Launcher - Stefan Krasowski/Wikimedia Commons

Kim Yo Jong, the Deputy Department Director of the Publicity and Information Department of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, has threatened South Korea with nuclear retaliation if attacked after Seoul highlighted its supposed pre-emptive strike capabilities on Tuesday. Yo …

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Russia Claims Belgorod Oil Depot Attacked

Fourth EstateFuel tanks on fire in the Belgorod region according to Russian media reports - Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation

Russia has claimed Ukrainian Armed Forces entered Russian territory and carried out two airstrikes in Belgorod including a fuel depot. The Ukrainian Defence Ministry has not commented, and has not claimed responsibility for the attack. If true it would be …

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Japan Adds Sanctions Against N.Korea over Missile Testing

The Japanese cabinet approved additional sanctions against North Korea on Friday following its recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Japan will freeze the assets of five organizations and nine individuals linked to North Korea, including two Chinese entities. Foreign …

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South Korea: No Discussions on Trilateral Military Exercises

Fourth EstateU.S., Japanese and South Korean flags

South Korea dismissed a news report that Seoul recently rejected a proposal for combined military exercises between the South, the U.S., and Japan. “There have not been any discussions at all regarding the possible combined military training among the South, …

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