LaFarge Indicted for “Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity”

Fourth EstateLogo ofThe logo of French cement company Lafarge - File Photo

The Paris Court of Appeals announced that it has indicted cement manufacturer Lafarge for “complicity in crimes against humanity” after it allegedly paid several million euros to terrorist groups in 2013 and 2014 to continue operations in Syria. Last November …

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European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Top Pre-Pandemic Levels

Fourth EstateEmissions rise from a factory in Europe - File Photo

The European Union’s (EU) greenhouse gas emissions from economic activity rose to levels considerably higher than before the coronavirus pandemic began. Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, revealed that greenhouse gas emissions increased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared …

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Apple Production Facilities Closed in Kunshan Over COVID-19 Outbreak

Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest electronics contract maker and Apple’s primary supplier, has halted operations at two of its factories in Kunshan, eastern China. The factories’ activities have been halted since last Wednesday, with all employees confined to dormitories …

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Shanghai Factories Reopen After Weeks of Lockdown

Fourth EstateChinese Factory Assembly Line - Chris/WikiMediaCommons

Factories in Shanghai reopened production after weeks of lockdown amid China’s worst outbreak as the city of 25 million people continues to report tens of thousands of cases a day. City officials reported the first deaths attributed to the outbreak, …

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Pegatron Suspends Shanghai Production due to COVID Outbreak

Pegatron, one of the major producers of Apple’s iPhone, announced on Tuesday that it had temporarily suspended production at its facility in Shanghai due to the strict COVID-19 lockdown. With almost 25 million residents, Shanghai remained almost entirely locked down …

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Tesla to Open Texas “Gigafactory” with a “Cyber Rodeo”

Fourth EstateTesla Gigafactory Texas

Tesla will hold an event at Gigafactory Texas as the grand opening of its USD 1.1 billion factory on Thursday. The invite-only event called ‘Cyber Rodeo’ will have roughly 15,000 attendants and will start at 4 PM local time. Cyber …

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Japan Pushes for Rice Flour Use as Wheat Prices Soar

Fourth EstateWheat Flour - Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Japan is pushing for rice flour as a substitute for wheat flour as prices increase because of the war in Ukraine. According to The Japan News, the price of rice is less likely to fluctuate compared to wheat, which is …

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Largest Fertilizer Plant in Africa Opens in Nigeria

ACER ASPIRE E15$2.5 billion fertilizer plant in Nigeria

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated a $2.5 billion fertilizer plant in Nigeria, the largest by far in the continent. Buhari said that the Dangote Fertilizer Plant will help solve the Nigerians’ perennial fertilizer problems. “Our goal is to make fertilizer …

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Renault Continues Operations in Russia Despite International Brand Pullout

Fourth EstateRenault Logo 2021 - Renault

French car maker Renault resumed its productions in Moscow on Monday as other international firms shut off their operations in Russia. Over 400 companies had reduced or halted operations in Russia as a response to the call of European and …

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US Rolls Back UK Steel Tarriffs

Fourth EstateNewly manufactured rolls of aluminium on the foundry room production line

The United States and Britain ended a four-year dispute over U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Tuesday, resolving an issue that had strained relations between the allies. The two countries pledged to work together to counter China in a deal …

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