US Mulls Deploying Special Forces to Kyiv Embassy

Fourth EstateMonument Outside US Embassy in Ukraine | U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine

US President Joe Biden’s administration is in the early stages of planning to send special operations soldiers to Ukraine to assist in the security of the US Embassy in Kyiv. Several unnamed US officials, in a report by CNN, said …

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UK Supports Lithuanian Bid to Lift Ukraine Grain Blockade

Fourth EstateGrain being loaded on bulk cargo ship

The United Kingdom said it would support Lithuania in its bid to lift the Russian grain blockade in Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that the UK has been working on “urgent solutions to get the grain out of …

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Finland, Sweden Submits NATO Application

Fourth EstateNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) signage and flags - NATO / OTAN

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced that both Finland and Sweden have submitted their applications to join the organization. The appilcation letters were delivered to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at NATO’s Brussels headquarters by Finnish Ambassador to NATO …

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U.S. President Joe Biden Redeploys Troops to Somalia to Fight al-Shabab Extremists

Fourth EstateRegional map of Africa centered on Somalia - Fourth Estate

United States President Joe Biden has approved a request from the Pentagon to send hundreds of troops back to Somalia to support the fight against militant group al-Shabab. The move reverses a decision by former President Donald Trump to withdraw …

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US Could Ratify Finland’s NATO Membership Before August, Says Senate Republican Leader

Fourth EstateMap centered on Finland - Fourth Estate

The U.S. Congress will work on ratifying Finland’s application to join the Western military alliance NATO before August, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said during an official visit to Finland. “Certainly we hope to achieve it before the August recess …

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Finland’s Leaders Back NATO Membership

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced their support for Finland’s potential NATO membership. Finland shares a 1,340 km border with Russia and has a decades-long history of neutrality. “NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security. As a …

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UK Signs Security Deals with Sweden and Finland

2D Marine Division Combat CameraSwedish Tanks During Operation Cold Response - Cpl. Rebecca Floto

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a security agreement with Sweden and Finland Thursday to strengthen northern Europe’s defense. The new security agreement would allow the UK to share intelligence and join military training, exercises, and deployments with Finland …

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First Dutch Foreign Volunteer Killed in Ukraine

A Dutch war volunteer has been killed for the first time since the conflict in Ukraine began. The Dutch volunteer, identified in a report by the Dutch daily morning newspaper, The Telegraaf, as a certain “Ron”, 55, reportedly passed away …

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Mali Accuses France of Espionage

Fourth EstateScreen captuire from video that allegedly shows Russian mercenaries burying bodies at a grave near a military base in northern Mali in mid-April, 2022. - French Military

Mali’s military junta accused the French army of spying on Tuesday after the French military released a video of what it alleged were Russian mercenaries burying bodies at a grave near a military base in northern Mali last week. Mali’s …

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US Mulls Sending National Guard to Eastern Europe

Sgt. 1st Class Jason AlvarezNational Guardsmen Training - Vermont National Guard

The National Guard Bureau has been discussing possibilities of sending its part-time troops to Eastern Europe amid the continuing war in Ukraine. The United States deployed thousands of its troops in February and March and has extended its initial 90-day …

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