Lithuania Announces Total Independence From Russian Oil

Fourth EstateEuropean Nord Pool markets | Ssolbergj

The Lithuanian government announced Saturday it had achieved total independence from Russian oil and energy sources. Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys announced on Twitter that the government had cut off all Russian energy supply imports, including oil and natural gas. …

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Oman In Talks With Australia and Argentina As Alternative To India Wheat Imports

Fourth EstateA combine works a wheat field

Oman on Thursday said it has a plan to import wheat from Australia and Argentina as the country is looking for alternatives to India’s wheat source. The CEO of the Omani Flour Mills Company, Haitham Al Fana Al Araimi said …

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Sri Lanka Out of Petrol, Says Prime Minister

Fourth EstatePetrol Station in Sri Lanka is out of fuel and petrol

Sri Lanka has reportedly run out of petrol, according to its prime minister. Ranil Wickremesinghe, appointed prime minister, said in an address on Thursday that the island nation’s economy is in a precarious condition. “At the moment, we only have …

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China Urges US to Cancel Additional Tariffs on Chinese Goods

Fourth EstateChinese Goods - ThiNguyen2021

China urged the United States to reconsider and cancel the additional tariffs imposed on Chinese goods “as early as possible.” Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday that the additional tariff imposed on Chinese goods was not in the …

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Dutch and Swedish Dock Workers Refuse to Unload Russian Diesel

Fourth EstateOil Tanker - rabiem22

Dutch and Swedish dockworkers refused to unload a tanker that carried Russian diesel out of “international solidarity” over the Ukraine invasion. According to the website Marine Traffic, the tanker Sunny Liger departed the Russian port of Primorsk on April 24 …

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EU Proposes Suspension of Ukraine Import Duties

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to temporarily suspend import duties on all Ukrainian exports to support the trade flows from Ukraine to the European Union. The commission said that the present war in Ukraine has affected the country’s ability …

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India Oil Import Bill Doubles to $119 Billion

India’s crude oil import bill doubled to $119 billion, increasing by 5.4 percent and 8 percent in March 2022 and April-March 2022 respectively. In 2020-2021, the country spent $62.2 billion on crude oil imports. The Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell …

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German Employers and Unions Oppose EU Ban on Russian Gas

German employers and unions opposed Europe’s embargo on Russian gas, saying the ban would have a greater impact on the German economy than on Russia. Rainer Dulger, chairman of the BDA employer’s group, and Reiner Hoffmann, chairman of the DGB …

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Putin Says Russia To Turn East After EU Ditches Russian Gas

Fourth EstateRussian oil tankers parked at a rail station - sergejf/Flickr

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will redirect its energy eastward as the European Union tries to boycott Russian gas imports. Putin said that Russia has to build infrastructures to boost energy supplies to the south and southeast. Putin …

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Russian Gas Embargo To Cause Recession in Germany

The German economy will face a “sharp recession” if Russia will stop importing oil and gas products to the European Union, Germany’s economic institutes reported. German economic institutes said through a joint economic forecast that the country will most likely …

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