UK House Prices Slow From 18-Year High

Fourth EstateUK Tenements - Simon/Flickr

House prices in Britain have slowed down after having increased at its fastest pace in March since 2004, although its growth rate remained in double digits. Annual price growth in April slowed to 12.1 percent from 14.3 percent in March, …

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Mortgage Applications Decline as US Interest Rates on Mortgages Rise to 4.9%

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The average interest rate on U.S. mortgages continued rising to record highs last week as the Federal Reserve signals an upcoming tightening of monetary policy to tame inflation. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate increased for the fourth consecutive week to …

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Airbnb to Offer Free Temporary Housing to 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Airbnb is offering free, short-term housing for up to 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing from the war with Russia, the company announced on Feb. 28. The initiative will be funded by the company, donations to the Refugee Fund, and help from …

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Fire Leaves Thousands of Rohingya Refugees Homeless in Cox’s Bazar

Bangladesh police said thousands of Rohingya refugees were left homeless on Sunday after a fire burned parts of their camp in southeastern Bangladesh’s border district of Cox’s Bazar. According to armed police battalion spokesman Kamran Hossain, “about 1,200 houses were …

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