Peru Requests Extradition of Italian Captain for Oil Spill Investigation

Fourth EstateGiacomo Pisani, captain of the il tanker, Mare Doricum | FdA

Peruvian prosecutors said they had requested the extradition of the Italian captain of the Italian-flagged Mare Doricum oil tanker, accused of being responsible for the maneuvers that resulted in the spill of thousands of barrels of oil off the coast …

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European Greenhouse Gas Emissions Top Pre-Pandemic Levels

Fourth EstateEmissions rise from a factory in Europe - File Photo

The European Union’s (EU) greenhouse gas emissions from economic activity rose to levels considerably higher than before the coronavirus pandemic began. Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, revealed that greenhouse gas emissions increased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2021 compared …

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Peru Sues Repsol $4.5b Over Oil Spill

Vicente Ruiz GarciaRepsol Station - Vicente Ruiz Garcia

The Peruvian authorities sued Spanish energy company Repsol for $4.5 billion over a massive oil spill last January on the Peruvian coast. The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) has sought $3 billion …

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Gold Mine Which Sickened Villagers to Reopen in Thailand

Fourth EstateChatree Mining complex

The Thai government has given the Chatree Mining complex permission to operate again after it was shut down in 2017, following years of multiple complaints and lawsuits from villagers, claiming the mines damaged their health and the environment. Chatree, a …

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UN Cites $20b Cost for Yemen Oil Spill Cleanup

Fourth EstateMV Wakashio Spill - Greenpeace

The United Nations (UN) warned on Monday that cleaning up an oil spill in the case of the “imminent” break-up of an oil tanker abandoned near Yemen would cost $20 billion. UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen David Gressly revealed that …

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Toxic Foam Spreads Through Bogota

Fourth EstateSeafoam - Bob Franklin

Authorities of the Colombian capital Bogotá warned residents against getting too close to the blanket of foul-smelling foam, which was seen drifting through the streets, hovering over houses and businesses. “The smell is terrible – [and] we’ve had to put …

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Brazilian Court Upholds the Suspension of License for Largest Open-Pit Gold Mine in Amazon

Pedrosa Neto | Amazônia RealProposed Mine Site - Pedrosa Neto | Amazônia Real

A Brazilian court upheld the suspension of an environmental license for the largest gold mining project in a Brazilian part of the Amazon rainforest. The suspension of the Volta Grande Project’s (VGP) environmental license, which the Canadian company Belo Sun …

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NASA Scientist Arrested After Dire Protest Against Climate Change Consequences

A NASA scientist and three fellow scientists were arrested in Los Angeles last week after they chained themselves to the doors of a Chase Bank office building. Peter Kalmus, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who does research on …

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Scientists Find Microplastics Deep in Live Human Lungs for the First Time

Fourth EstateMicroscopic photo of microplastic platricles

Scientists discovered microplastics deep in the lungs of living humans for the first time. Researchers at the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School in England found tiny pieces of plastic debris in 11 out of 13 samples taken …

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